Art. 13 d.lgs. n. 196/2003 – Personal Data Protection Code

Dear customer, we would like to inform you that, on the basis of a special license and prefectural authorization - under Article 134 of the Consolidated Law on Public Security (Testo Unico delle Leggi di Pubblica Sicurezza) - our company collects some personal data from public registers, lists, public archives, public documents (held, for example, by Chambers of Commerce or at the Territorial Agency) and they are generally accessible to everyone (these derive, for example, from press releases and common websites).
Omnia Data can gather information regarding organizational, productive, industrial, commercial, economic, financial, patrimonial, administrative and accounting aspects on businesses (such as individual or family businesses, small business owners, Etc.). It can also gather information regarding natural persons, who do not pursue any business or professional activity (such as details of the company registration with competent authorities - “visure camerali” -, events of default, mortgage surveys, accounting documents, protests and insolvency proceedings).
Data are handled by our company, as a self-possessing holder, in order to provide third parties (our customers) with commercial information services. These are used to evaluate a person’s activities, solidity and competence on economic and commercial level and to conduct audits for any ongoing or future business relations (which, without correct and complete information, may be precluded).
Information about economic operators may also be requested by our customers, including in the form of lists (by branches or categories), for marketing activities, telephone contacts and postal communications for commercial, promotional and advertising purposes (subject to the prohibition imposed by the privacy policy on the use of automated systems such as emails, text messages, fax and pre-recorded phone messages without the approval of the parties concerned).
In particular, information is mainly collected by the use of computer facilities and recorded in our electronic databases after specific computer controls aimed at ensuring their adequacy, completeness and accuracy. These are updated on a regular basis. Our databases are organized and managed with the computerized procedures needed for the communication with our clients.
In preparing the reports or dossiers requested by our clients, personal data acquired by Omnia Data may also be subjected to further statistical analysis or elaboration, in order to give a general judgment or a rating on the reliability, solvency or competence of the business or person concerned on an economic and commercial level. These judgements can also be about the probability of insolvency of a company, taking into account, for example, its overall patrimonial, economic and financial situation, as well as previous and current claims and debts, both of the company itself and/or persons with significant responsibilities or charges.
If required by our customers, personal data may be supplemented and enriched by searches by mail, fax or telephone, at private sources (other companies and economic operators) of commercial information and can also be related to business or professional payment habits in business relations with its customers, suppliers or partners.
However, it is envisaged the possibility of communicating data to other Business Information Companies for the purpose of verifying the reliability or creditworthiness of the economic operator.
This is accounting information that is elaborated in our systems and reports. However, the acquisition of both sensitive data and information covered by corporate and industrial secrecy is excluded. All personal data collected and processed by our company are kept with appropriate confidentiality and security measures, even when using electronic communication systems and networks. Data are only accessible to our staff and partners who are responsible for collecting, analyzing, processing and communicating these pieces of information or for the editing of economic information reports, for technical activities and for the maintenance of our information systems.
Personal data are not disclosed and can be given exclusively to the customers, both in Italy and abroad, who require them.
Moreover, please note that the privacy policy (Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003) recognizes to each person or operator concerned the right to know at any time whether and which data are being processed by our company and exercise other rights related to their processing (correction and update of inaccurate and incomplete data, deletion of data that are possibly processed in violation of law, opposition for legitimate reasons, or processing for marketing purposes).
For further information regarding our activities or for questions about personal data, you can contact us using the following contact details.

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