Law Firms

We provide the following services to law firms:

Workplace Tracking

This service is aimed at verifying the workplace or the retirement pension of the requested subject. All the data collected will be verified directly through the employer.
Bank Tracking

This service includes an investigation of any bank accounts held by the requested person.
Heir Tracing

An investigation conducted at the municipal registry offices in order to check the names of the heirs at the time of the requested person’s death.
The report includes an investigation at the court in the town where the debtor lives/lived for the detection of acts concerning the acceptance / waiver of the succession or pending inheritances.
Total Tracing

The report includes: verification of residence, actual domicile, updated telephone numbers, any positions or job titles, protests and events of default, workplace or pension investigation, financial situation and assets, properties (from the National Land Register), bank reports and a final evaluation.
Pre-Legal Tracking

This services includes a complete tracking of all the activities potentially performed by the requested subject and a verification of the balance sheet. It includes all the data emerged during the investigation in order to decide whether to recover the claim (through extrajudicial or legal procedures) or to depreciate it.

Our analysts check and update both official and balance sheet data, verifying the results obtained from the automatic evaluation process in the light of any significant and trustworthy unofficial changes.

An accurate and updated verification of official findings, which are deduced from every available source.

Our analysts not only verify and update official data, but also inspect accurately all targeted surveys in order to quantify the real overall solvency of the company. We express the results of these investigations through a numeric index called "Insolvency Risk".

An in-depth investigation on the company. It contains all official data from the Chamber of Commerce, balance sheet data, financial ratios, potential board interests of board members, protests and events of default, banking information, LAR 10, VAT, information on purchases and sales. These data will be integrated with unofficial insights, which provide high added value to the report.

Our analysts check the accuracy and newness of all data, conduct specific investigations aimed at finding all the existing information on customers, suppliers, banking relationships, structure of the company, market, former and ongoing changes, sales network, unofficial news.
The report is complemented by an in-depth analysis of balance sheet data, in order to evaluate both the earnings performance and the financial situation and assets.
Economic and Financial Analysis

A detailed investigation on the structure, organization, business management and an economic and financial analysis with a reorganization of the budget.
Top report

This service is perfect for the evaluation of medium and large companies. The risk of error is reduced to zero; in fact, the number of data and insights provided in the analysis is large, making the report unquestionably detailed. This product is particularly suitable for the evaluation of strategic customers as well as of their competitors, in order to accurately identify all the strengths and weaknesses.
The application is customizable in order to better meet your individual needs.

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