We provide the following services to banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, NPL/special-purpose vehicle

Workplace Tracking

This service is aimed at verifying the workplace or the retirement pension of the requested subject. All the data collected will be verified directly through the employer.
Bank Tracking

This service includes an investigation of any bank accounts held by the requested person.
Heir Tracing

An investigation conducted at the municipal registry offices in order to check the names of the heirs at the time of the requested person’s death.
The report includes an investigation at the court in the town where the debtor lives/lived for the detection of acts concerning the acceptance / waiver of the succession or pending inheritances.
Total Tracing

The report includes: verification of residence, actual domicile, updated telephone numbers, any positions or job titles, protests and events of default, workplace or pension investigation, financial situation and assets, properties (from the National Land Register), bank reports and a final evaluation.
Pre-Legal Tracking

This services includes a complete tracking of all the activities potentially performed by the requested subject and a verification of the balance sheet. It includes all the data emerged during the investigation in order to decide whether to recover the claim (through extrajudicial or legal procedures) or to depreciate it.
Regional Cadastral Survey

A comprehensive report on the financial consistency of an individual or company. All the information is deduced from an inspection at the Land Registry Office in which the property is situated.
This survey includes a list and a detailed and updated description of all the properties owned by the requested subject, with its burdens and constraints. The balance sheet is included in the report.
National Cadastral Survey

This survey includes a list and a detailed and updated description of all the properties owned by the requested subject on a national level. The information is retrieved by different databases and by investigations conducted at the Land Registry.
Deed Research

This service provides a list of the acts published in the Land Registry Offices (such as registration, transcripts for / against etc.).
Historical Survey

An investigation on the history of a property in the twenty years prior to the date of the request. It includes a verification of the entries and their continuity.
Such research also includes transfers of ownership and burdens of the property over twenty years.

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