Omnia Data offers a customizable information tool for Credit Management. We are specialized in in-depth economic analysis for the early management of credit risk and investigations that help in the management of overdue receivables.
Since 1975 Omnia Data has been providing business information reports on companies and individuals, in order to deepen the knowledge of business partners, assess financial strength and evaluate the riskiness of the sector in which the company operates.
Over time, we have consolidated winning relationships with the world’s major players in the banking, insurance and finance sectors, as well as in public service. We work with the largest distributors of business and credit information in Italy and abroad.
However, our true strength lies in people. Our team consists of skilled economic analysts that produce extremely high-quality information. We provide personalized information services based on our customers’ specific needs.
All our information, from the simplest and fastest to the more complex and articulated, is processed from the date of its request. There are no standards, but only different and individual cases. We accurately verify every single figure.
Each overdraft has its own history, its own reasons and cannot be guided exclusively by statistics.
In Omnia Data, behind every server and every personal computer there is a person who will always be available and ready to support you.
Our mission is to enable our customers’ companies to fully exploit their potential.

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